Rare Earth Oxides (REO) are used for a variety of uses, mainly as additives to boost efficiency, performance of products.


Mobile phones, circuit boards, lap-top computers, monitors, TVs either use REE for components such as high performance magnets, optics

Electric Motors
Power Generation

Magnets for wind turbines, generators, alternators 

High Performance Magnets 

Magnets for electric drives, auxillary electrical components, lighting, glazing and controls


Lasers, specialist optical lenses and e-glass for glazing. Many high efficiency light globes incorporate heavy rare earth elements.


Nuclear control rods

Still not convinced ... rare earths applications are growing. New consumer products and high technology applications rely on the unique properties provided that can only be provided by incorporating rare earth minerals. The diverse range of product components and inclusion in everyday goods indicates the future for rare earth producers is bright.      


Table 1: Courtesy of the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and MInes