Environmental Policy

Crossland's tenements in Australia are subject to various governmental statutes and guidelines for environmental management in relation to exploration activities.
Crossland is committed to minimising any disturbance and reducing environmental risks of its operations. Our vision is to better expectations and strive for industry best practices.

  • Comply with all  applicable legal  requirements and applicable industry Codes of Practice in relation to the environmental aspects of its activities

  • Meet the legal requirements and  applicable industry Codes of Practice in  relation to radiation including implementation of a radiation  management plan

  • Strive for continual  improvement in  its management of the environmental aspects of its operations by setting specific goals and  objectives,  and  conducting annual reviews of nominated targets

  • Train employees and  contractors in Crossland's management plans and  make them aware of environmental goals and objectives

  • Conduct activities in  a manner that safeguards the health and  safety of people 

  • Communicate this policy to employees and  interested  parties

  • Conduct risk assessments for activities on  a site-specific basis to manage all  environmental impacts

  • Prevent pollution through strict adherence to set practices and  procedures 

  • Openly and  constructively engage with Traditional Owners,  landholders and  communities surrounding the sites of Crossland's activities

  • Respect all  heritage, sacred  and  archaeological sites

  • Respect the interests of pastoral and other landholders

  • Where possible, adopt practices to reduce impact to our surrounds

  • Strive to minimise waste in all  aspects of operations through reduction,  reuse and  recycling

  • Be mindful of the need to minimise and  mitigate impacts to the landscape and  biodiversity from all Crossland's activities

  • Rehabilitate land affected by Crossland's activities to standards that are internationally accepted practice for the site purpose


Our commitment