High Technology Metals

The Rare Earth Elements (REE) are a group of 17 chemical elements that comprise a third of all metals. Not as well-known as many other metals, they proved difficult to isolate as individual elements, with some not being separated until the 1920s. Since those times, increasing uses have been found for the REE, but these are sure to expand into areas that can now only be imagined.
Ironically, rare earth minerals are found abundantly throughout the world, however mostly in uneconomically low concentrations. Crossland has discovered extensive alluvial mineral sands at its Charley Creek Project. Over millions of years, mother nature has done the work of breaking down rich minerals from the hillsides and concentrating these minerals in alluvial fan deposits. Crossland has delineated extensive REE mineral resources of commercial interest. There are several unique and fortunate features of our resource, such as the consistency of our resource, the anomalous ratio of heavy REE of our total rare earth oxides (TREO). We realise that we have only explored a small proportion of our tenements and given the consistency of the alluvials, the temptation is add to these already sizeable resources.  Crossland is now focused on mining and the extraction of these minerals to develop a profitable, sustainable business.