Project Area

The Charley Creek project focuses on the extraction of rare earth minerals (REE) from abundantly rich ancient alluvial sands. The project will produce several high purity rare earth oxides that will be exported to high-purity process refiners.

The project area is located in the Northern Territory,  110km north-west of Alice Springs, off the Tanami Road. Our project area extends over the Burt Plain, spanning nearly 1900 sq. km. The tenements extend approximately 50km to 200km north-west of Alice Springs. Our exploration lease titles are located mainly on pastoral land.

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Charley Creek, as shown below, is actually only a small portion of our project area.  In fact, exploration sampling and drilling shows potentially similar occurrences throughout our lease area. We are also finding remarkable consistency in grade over large areas. To date, we have decided to not drill large areas just for the sake of creating a large resource base. We have previously identified sufficient resources to satisfy a long-term venture. Our philosophy is to confirm the feasible development of a large low cost operation, that successfully mines the average grade rather than selectively mining high-grade areas at higher cost. This operational strategy lowers the ore body risk and increases our flexibility and ability to expand. 

Tenement_End June 2019.JPG