Project Highlights

  • Favourable project location:

    • free of encumbrances and obstacles,

    • multiple potential site locations,

    • good access and proximity to critical resources (water, gas, Alice Springs services & suppliers)

  • Only a small fraction of the tenements area has been drilled and resource delineated, 

  • Negligible overburden with vast expanses of mineralised sand ahead,

  • Potential for decades of sustainable mining,

  • Consistent tenor of the alluvial fans, 

Green Tree Hill Dam
View of Hamilton Downs
(looking south toward West MacDonnell Ranges)
Tanami Road
Main access for the project.
  • Simple low cost operation with minimal environmental impact,

  • Processing is mainly by gravity separation and the bulk waste by-products are free of chemicals,

  • Minerals have a high ratio of high value heavy rare earth minerals,

  • Multiple products with a bright outlook for REOs and industrial minerals,

  • Advanced development with years invested in project test work, studies and planning to ensure success,

  • Low capital cost and long mine life expected,

  • Scoping Study undergoing refinement and near-term advancement  toward a high standard Pre-Feasibility Study is expected